Friday, December 16, 2016

Inching toward the holiday

We're much looking forward to having our family out for the Christmas holiday. Crys' dad and brother along with our niece and her mom will be out right around the 26th and for a bit after. It's interesting trying to coordinate everything so that all get a chance to visit and also so we don't end up feeling overwhelmed. We kinda like our solitude, a dose of holiday overage is probably just what the doctor ordered.

We've been getting ready by inches and degrees. The weather is still oddly warm but that should be changing some time today. Yesterday we decorated the tree out in the yard, star and all. It's a Juniper tree, and they don't really have a place to put up a star. Yesterday morning found us crouched on the living room floor with an old aluminum broom handle (8' long) and a pile of coat hangers. We built an armature of the coat hangers, then taped it to the broom handle and then put lights on our new star. The broom handle got taped to the juniper tree along with an extension cord, then we plugged in the LED lights and wrapped the tree. We're pleased with it and it adds a neat holiday flair up here where everyone is off grid.

Time to get back to wrapping presents and decorating the pine tree I cut off the powerline right of way earlier this week. Sure, it's a bit Charlie Brown, but we likes it.

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