Sunday, April 17, 2011

We brought back an alien

So the trip to Roswell went pretty good. We left at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning and got back about 6 PM Sunday night to haul stuff in and settle for the evening.

The trip down was nice, we got a little turned around in Sante Fe looking for Sante Fe Clay because not only do streets in Sante Fe curve around and rejoin the same road they left but nearly all the other streets are named different things depending on which side of the road they're on. It was a bit..... frustrating.

BUT the drive was nice, Sante Fe Clay was cool, they didn't have the black clay we were looking for but there was some other stuff.Then it was down hill all the way to Roswell. Literally. We made it from Alamosa to Roswell on one tank of gas. (It took a tank and a half to get back but that's another story).

Once there we toured through town, got settled at the hotel, went to get dinner and shopped for some alien artifacts along the way. Oh yeah, first thing we did was stop at K-Mart for bathing suits for the hotel pool and then to Mc Coy's for our cabinets since that's the whole reason we went in the first place.

One rather, should I say..... HIGH, dude in a curio store spent a L O N G time telling us all about the fancy dolls they had there. It was fun, and we got this and that stuff.... well Crys* did since she didn't get her discover card ripped off 2 days before we left like I did.....

Then we went swimming. That was a hoot. And while Autum got ready for bed I went to Walgreens for snacks and water. We went to bed early and got up early and headed home.

Autum was a really good trip partner. None of the usual annoying kid stuff. I like having her along. She's fun.

So now the cabinets are home and ready to go in. OK like most things it's not that easy, there's a gas line to move, a wall to build wire and drywall and then the cabinets can be placed and wait for their tile job counter top.

But it's the LAST big inside thing. We're pretty excited about that.


Cool. Really fun place. I hear the real time to go is over the 4th of July.

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