Sunday, April 24, 2011

New island and cabinets in... countertop ready for tiling.

We had a busy and productive weekend :D And ended up wondering how the hell we did this stuff for 8 months straight because we were TIRED by Sunday night.

We: hung cabinets in the laundry room and got it all spiffed up; moved the gas line in the kitchen; moved a giant pile of windows and fest stuff from storage out to the place; bult the island wall in the kitchen; wired it; drywalled it; set the new cabinets; cut and installed the plywood countertops so that they can be tiled later on; did laundry; and Crys* even got a good bit of fiber work done.
Oh and there was even a night of having Autum over and a dog to watch and a Sunday afternoon rescue mission.

We're bushed!

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  1. what happened to all the dishes that were in the island??? I can't seeeeeee them hehe. Looks great :)