Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trolly ride to Ybor City... a local recommended it for fun

So at the Potters jam the other night, just before the guy did the headed down the escalator the bar tender told us we HAD to go to Ybor City (Pronounced E-boar city).

Today after the closing lecture by Robyn Hopper and the 2nd business meeting we were walking back to the hotel and saw the trolley that the fella said to take to Ebor.

We ran across the street and asked the trolley operator woman if she sold tickets and she said yes, so we took our $5 each and piled onto the bright yellow trolley car. A few minutes later it dropped us off at the local mecca of shopping and funky everything.

We made several purchases, some of them gifts, got a lovely lunch of pizza and beer and then almost left but decided that we should try the brew pub. It was great. Then we headed back, got gelato at Jackson's restaurant, came home and laid by the pool for a while as I smoked a cigar and we drank the fancy microbrew we brought with us from the Tampa Brewing Company and relaxed.

Following that we packed up for the trip home EARLY tomorrow, ate pizza and got all silly.

We're showered and ready for bed now. Vacation almost over. It's been good.

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