Friday, April 1, 2011

Crystal and the italian repast

Yet another lovely meal. Today was a good day.

Today included the annual NCECA Cup Sale, it's starts at 8 AM and folks typically line up hour and hours in advance to be first in line for the best pic of the pots. There was a brandy flask and cup that we loved and it was still there even though we didn't get in line until 8:10. We both found some treasures and that was a good start to the day. After that we wandered back to get some breakfast (which was good) and back to the room to drop our load off and be lighter for a while. Then back to the conference for a while, mostly for the 2 PM drawings for stuff, and during that visit we found some more stuff for the studio to pick up. Then back to the hotel to get stuff together for FedEx because that's lots easier than trying to carry every damed thing all over the place :D.

So we got stuff mailed and then it was time to head down to the pool. Crys* swam a bit, and I sat in the shade and visited and relaxed.

It's a tough life damn it.

After the swimming/relaxing (during which there were dolphins swimming past) we wandered a bit until we found some dinner.

It was a wonderful Italian place and we met some new friends. Thomas and Ashley who hail from near my original home town. They might pop out this summer to help with kiln building.

Now it's TV and internet and who knows what after that.

We really need some chocolate.

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  1. bread, dolphins, internets, AND chocolate, awesome :)