Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plate trimming


We've had a good week, even got a little done on the house. This is one of the plates we're making for the permanent dish set at the house. We made 20 so we're hoping to end up with a nice dozen or so to glaze and fire.

In other news we had our niece, Autum, over the weekend which was a delight. She and I hiked up to the top of the rock. She's the first youngster to go all the way up there. :D Brave beastie that one.

And we got the shower curtain up in the master bath, it involved lots of drilling into tile and cutting and assembling. The celebratory shower afterward was quite satisfying, all we hoped it would be. Thank goodness Crys* knows to remind me to drill through tile slowly. :D

The rest of the house is getting put away and we're hoping to call for that final electrical inspection before too awfully long. And we're getting some real rest which is really really nice.

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