Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First munchin spot in Tampa: "The Point"

Today was a very long travel day. :D We left the house at 8:30 AM to drive to Colorado Springs. That was all fine.... got on the little jet to go to Houston where we got on the big jet to go to Tampa. Everything went well. On the second flight we sat a row apart but somehow didn't die from the separation. There were the usual travel things, crying babies, crazy seat mates, taxi driver that didn't speak.... it's been a very good day.

For supper we had to hunt.... since the plane didn't get in till around 10 and then we still had to get to the hotel. We found this place "The Point" and they served wonderful food and didn't seem to mind that we walked in at nearly the time they close the kitchen. They took excellent care of us.

Now we're back at our room, all showered and relaxing for a few minutes. Tomorrow is the NCECA conference and it should be really fun. We've spied some other good eating place while we were wandering around hunting for food.

Life is good. Before we left home we got it all tidied up and got all the interior lights working. This involved some swapped neutrals and me getting the shit knocked out of me but it's all up now. :D onward.......

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