Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crys* with our invented veggie late night dinner

We first went to the "Potters Jam" at the Hyatt for a while but then decided that we needed a snack. We had properly prepared for our evening by taking a long and lovely nap during the late afternoon while more rain pounded down and the trees bent sideways.

For our late night vittles we went back to The Point. We missed the Thursday live music by a few minutes but did get in on the half off wine offerings and then got the repast you see above. We like to call it our Fusion Style of vegetarianism. The wait staff here was/is really friendly and there was entertainment. :D A nice young woman got frighteningly drunk and belligerent and ended up being carried out to the street.

"fuck you fucking fucks" was her exit statement and then she beat on the windows for a while.

We thought she was impressively passionate.

The wait staff kept apologizing. :D Which we found funny. We were in a bar after all. People do drink...... and it was fun to watch.

We finally got to bed around 2 last night. Odd. Way past our bed time. :D

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