Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oasis in a downpour

In the pic you can almost see the torrential downpour that kept us in a parking garage for a while, chatting with the foreman from the worksite nearby. They're building a new training facility for Southern Florida University in which doctors will learn to do robotic surgery.

We kept looking longingly at the bar across the street, full of delicious drinks and snacks but a white-out rainstorm away, might as well have been Guam.

We only managed to get as far as we did because of the protection of the parking garage. :D having been run outta the municipal courtyard by a very safety oriented officer who kept warning us about ALL THE LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!! (It wasn't THAT much).

Eventually the frog-strangler settled into a lull filled with puddles and big drips spaced further and further apart through which we ambled back down to the convention center. Gosh it was a lovely rain.....

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