Sunday, March 12, 2017

Windy season

It's the windy season at work and at home.

So that means I didn't get to my solar class work until this weekend, after working all day Saturday and several hours early this (Sunday) morning. At least I'm caught up now, and with any luck at all the coming week won't be so crazy. At least I don't have to go to Denver this week, that kind of takes all day and eliminates the possibility of doing anything else.

The climbers are out here today and they left us a couple of beers on the back deck. Those folks are awesome. The fun thing about the beers are they're a token of appreciation, and they seem to try pretty hard to find things we haven't sampled yet.

Due to the winds today, we're chilling inside. Yesterday Crystal surprised me by keeping the sauna going throughout the day and we had a nice warm time visiting in there just after the sun set last night. I had started it up early in the morning while I was adding distilled water to the batteries, then I got called to work until sunset. That sure was nice to come home to. We've enjoyed the addition of the sauna a great deal.

The fun part of my battery based solar class from SEI is going through the math and magic of the load analysis for a given property. I'm using ours (of course) because I really did just guess when we set the thing up. That's probably why we rebuilt it 6 years later to twice the inverter size and 3 times the array size. I wanted to do a load analysis first, the problem was we had no idea what we'd buy so there wasn't much way to accurately predict things.

Speaking of our off grid solar system........ I'm currently trying to come up with the cash for the Magnum Energy wireless monitoring system. That comes with software tie in so that you can monitor and adjust your system from anywhere.

I think that'll be pretty cool when I get old. Turning on the generator without having to get up? Priceless. :D

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