Saturday, March 18, 2017

Planning for summer

Blended families make for an interesting prospect as concerns summer travel.

We're trying to work out travel, kids (not ours), brothers, sisters, weddings, education weeks, and a host of other stuff.

Champagne problems.

We're figuring on a week to go buy my mom's car and rolling picking up our niece Autum into that with a road trip back here for her summer vacation. Then there's the week I have to take to go to a solar class in Paonia, CO. That'll be fun, but it's another thing to schedule. And there's my nephews (my mini me)'s wedding in the Fall. We'll have to fly back for that, and that's another week off because mom and pop wanna drive back here with us to spend some time. That's another week. That pretty much eats up my vacation for the year. All good stuff, but also......

champagne problems.

I'm sure it'll all be fun. Here goes.......

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