Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Tis the season for the winds to blow

We were going to start putting the sheeting up on the greenhouse. The wind came up. It does that here in the spring. Somehow it's just not the best idea in the world to get out in a high wind with 4' X 12' sheet goods. They tend to lift you off the ground and then beat you all the way back down to the dirt. Then you have to hold on to the damned thing while you're bleeding so it doesn't fly away.

Sure it's good for videos, but tends to deplete the bandage supply.

So we have the barrel sauna fired up, we're internetting in bed with kitties and a warm fire in the house, and we'll do our P90X stretch today. If it's not too blowy out there, I'll get out and settle the frame to the knee wall on the greenhouse and screw it down. That and perhaps I'll move the scaffolding into place and tie it off for when we do get a good day to haul out the sheet goods. That and we'll do a bit of dreaming about where to start using that shiny new yellow rototiller.

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