Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hazel :) our mama llama

It's been an interesting weekend so far, and even included a bit of a rodeo. Crys* took off Friday night to see her Nana, so I tended the critters and home. I did a bit of cleaning, a bit of workout, some cooking.....

And on Saturday morning I decided it was time to put the halter on Hazel. I got my fancy new lasso and blissfully wandered out to the pen without a freakin clue. :D It took me quite a while to get a rope on her and she did NOT like it not a single little bit. By the time I got that far she was pretty excited and upset so I changed their water while I had her tied off to the shed. This helped her realize that not pulling against the rope was a good idea. And at this point I realized that if I didn't get the halter on getting the rope off was gonna be a chore all by itself. :D

She finally calmed down and when I let the tension off and just held the rope softly she stood all right and I got ahold of her and slipped the halter on. Now when we catch her for foot trimming and shearing it won't be quite as much of a chore. Also we'll try to get a little corral up before then and a shearing stand made for the goats.

The bee stuff hasn't arrived for construction yet. I'm wanting it, 'cause I just like doing that kinda crap.

And this week we will embark on the adventure of pressure cooker cooking. I have a fancy new kindle edition cookbook and we're gonna go nuts! And lots of other ingredients!

Crystal has started a group on the site for the valley. It's called Fitness with Altitude. Join up and sweat with us!

Enjoy the journey as Tony says........

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