Sunday, March 25, 2012

The calm before the storm

It's warming up a bit, days in the 60's and such. The first blush of green is starting to show through the browns and tans. Things are bowing and waving in the breezes, different from the harsh, brittle stand against the cold winter winds that blow. Traffic to the Natural Arch is picking up along with trailers towing 4 Wheelers and dirt bikes. No RV's yet, it's still a bit brisk for the tow behind homeowners.

We're getting our spring supplies ready. .... shears for the goats and Llama, research on ICF building supplies, bee information, gardening supplies for the high, dry altitude. We're also readying our bodies for the long, tough demands of a summer building and growing.

It all feels hopeful and good, like we're blooming along with the first buds of Spring.

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