Sunday, March 4, 2012

getting geared up for Spring

Yesterday we started preparing for spring. Our new workout is 2 weeks old and my buddy Brad came over. Brad brought his goat stand and that is where the fun started. You see, one needs to trim goats hooves regularly or they have trouble getting around. We hadn't trimmed Stanley or Choco's foots since they got here last October. Stanley started the day by escaping the pen so he got harnessed and roped up first. Choco took 3 of us to corner him, and a tackle.

Their feet were in bad shape. We are so glad Brad taught us how to care for them. He started on Choco's back hooves. And I took over when we got to the front. Crys* kept them calm, did some grooming and trimmed out their faces. I took almost an inch off Stanley's back feet! Now they're both trimmed up and happier and we'll do it on a regular schedule.

The bee materials are all.ordered from Mann Lake bees as well. I sat down last weekend and custom made a package for us because the pre-assembled ones didn't really do it. We need some extra stuff for our cold winters and our climate and altitude and someof the parts in the ready made kits weren't ....... as nice. We plan to take an organic approach and I wanted to start with good stuff and not have to re-buy things later on. The bees will arrive in May so we have between now and then to build, site and paint stuff.

Should be fun!

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