Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend and onward

We're working on the place again this weekend. Yesterday Tim and his partner Dennie came out and pitched in. Tim and I put up two storm doors.

OK, you're saying, "yeah, yeah, big freakin deal. A storm door takes twenty minutes",

and you'd be right. Unless you're talking about the rebuilt dream home from the bones of the '74 double wide.
See.... when we put in the new doors 11 years ago I bought pre-hung standard entry doors. Two 32" doors and one 30" door. So before I bought the storm doors I measured them just to make sure. Yep. 2 32's and a 30. And this is true, as long as you're on the INSIDE. From the outside they're 31 and 29. Yep.


My soultion? Yep you guessed it. Circular saw and chop out an inch divot from the brick moulding on the catch side of the doors. We were only doing the 32's because you have to special order a 30 inch door which I have not yet done. So... cool.... now the door fits. That's great, you also have to trip the top lip moulding of the new door trim and mortise out for the strike plate. :D OH and trim the holder bracket for the closer because you have 4" walls instead of 6 so that the inside door will close. Now we're done!

Not so fast.... the knob of the original door now hits the face of the new storm door. (We installed the handles so they wouldn't hit, I anticipated that one. HAH!)


What the hell do we do now? Find new handles and locks that are lower profile?

Not in the custom built double wide we don't!

We take a 2" hole saw, mark where the knob hits and with the wood chisel we countersink a hole that the door knob closes right into.

Perfect! Then we just do it all over again for door #2.

Meanwhile..... back at the ranch.........

Crystal and our friend Debra from San Francisco Creek (14 miles south and up the San Francisco Creek drainage rather than the Old Woman Creek drainage which we live on) were banderating our little goat Stanley. We've decided that the breeding process is too wasteful to get to Pygora goats which is Crystal's main goal. Goats that both milk and give fiber. SO, Stanley needed to be neutered. Debra is good at this, having her own herd, so she offered to help. We don't find this easy to decide and do but are sure that the herd (and us) will be much happier in the end and much easier to manage.

The day ended with Tim and Dennie making us dinner (at our house) some Mario Cart Wii, and The Kings Speech. Oh, and one episode of Always Sunny in Philly, which we love.

Today will be cutting and nailing veneer for cabinets. Cleaning stuff up, taking care of the critters, perhaps some drinking, firewood fetching and who knows what else.

Life is good.

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