Saturday, October 8, 2011

Denny's and Tim's work for the day

This was a fun day :D. It's always good when you get to do the finishing up part that goes really fast.

We started this project a while ago, and the wedding happened in the middle and we just got back to it yesterday. We started with Crys* and I putting in all those steel posts, and then digging in the wood posts and setting the two gates in. Yesterday Tim came out and helped me run all the wire fencing. It went FAST! We had the fence up in about an hour. Then we started on the temp shelter for the critters.

About the time we were digging the first post hole for that Crys* got back from the farmers market in Alamosa and some wood gathering and helpfully told us that if we put the shelter where we'd decided to that Choco, Stanley and Hazel could just jump on it and walk out.


So we decided to put it in the middle, and while laying it out I decided to make it permanent rather than temporary so we set GIANT MONSTER poles. I'll finish the shelter this week since I have to buy some lumber to do that and no one is open on Sundays around here.

It was fun. I ended up really beat after this, and so glad to have had all the help putting it up.

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