Monday, October 24, 2011

This weekend...

This weekend was full and fun. We had little Mason with us. What a fun experience. We're so not used to having a little one around. He kept us on our toes and was very good.

We spent time in our hammocks, playing mariokart, feeding the goats, and just generally playing our hearts out.

It was fun getting used to having the little goats out there. Stanley (the little white kid) is very loving and assertive. He lets us hold him and likes to be fed treats by hand. Chaco is a navajo angora. He's soooo amazingly soft and cuddly. He's starting to let us hold him more as well. Hazel is a little standoffish still. She's not so sure she wants people to touch her right now. However, I plan to keep working on her until she knows that we're her friends.

The house is clean, Mason went home to his momma, lots of the chores around the house are done. So, I'm thinking it'll be a mellow evening tonight. I hope to do a little target practice when I first get home. There's a couple of guns that we borrowed that I want to try out before we give them back. Then it's relaxing, watching tv, and eating on my "to do" list.

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