Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who needs youngsters? :D

Not us this week anyway!

Crys* got out there and pounded in T posts while I was out working for the man. :D SO the T posts are up, and we have the wire and wood posts. Hopefully they'll get pounded in this weekend and we can get the fence strung. It's not terribly important to have the barn up until sometime in October so I can put out fires somewhere else while I wait for the barn raising materials and such to fall into place. When you're doing things on a shoestring you have to be a little patient. (So not our strong suit)

The rest of the weekend is going to be deck and counters. The wood is here for most of the deck. That would be 125 linear feet of decking, most of it 10 feet wide. We're gonna do the last 45 feet later on but try to get the posts set so that even if it's cold we can get it done in the winter. (yeah right, in Winter we'll hibernate, see shows and play damnit!)

My friend Tim is coming out today to help, he's an amazing amount of help anytime he shows up. He's retired and I hope to have that much energy when I get into my 60's.

The wedding date is September 3, which happens to be exactly 3 weeks away. I better drink this coffee fast and get my butt to work!

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