Sunday, August 21, 2011

South side is well over half done... and the ramp on the east is complete too!! :D

This is about as far as we got on Sunday and it's gotten no further by Tuesday night. :D We'll probably be hitting it hard again tomorrow night, and through the weekend. Not much time left to get it put together! Monday was spend on other wedding prep and tonight I did a bunch of other stuff.... brought home a ton bale of rye grass for the goats and unloaded it, worked on the bridge, moved wood from the pile to the deck, rearranged cars and placed them properly for wedding parking day, and worked out a plan for moving the portapotties. Crys* is out meeting with the nice lady that's gonna perform our ceremony and she's bringing home dinner.

Now if there were just two of me I might get half of it done on time.......

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