Saturday, August 20, 2011

when they say a truckload... they mean it!

The Wood Boys in Center, Colorado deliver wood by the truckload. They say 17 cords for $1500 and the driver said this one pulled like an 18 cord weight. They delivered and unloaded with a log picker and put it all just where we asked them to. Wonderful, polite people who made sure to thank us for our business. I highly recommend their service, the wood is good lodgepole pine and is dry dry dry.

In other news, we're working on the deck to try to get it done before the wedding in two weeks (ok, a day less than two weeks but don't tell my nervous need-to-get-everything-done-stressy-self). Our friend Tim is out helping like crazy. I've no idea why he's so nice and helpful but it's a life saver when we're under the gun. He helped us get the power house done last fall too.

Yesterday we finished framing up the south 68 feet of deck, 10 feet wide, and Tim got the deck boards on about 30 feet of it. Crys was working drywall and tile in the house and after Tim left for some much needed prime rib, she finished screwing down the deck boards that were down while I framed up the East pass through deck and around the corner to the north side. This morning I'll finish the 40 feet of the north side framing and then frame up the handicap ramp on the east side.

Then we'll see how many deck boards we can slam down on the sucker before dark.

and there is still a whole heaping lot to do.......

but we know we have firewood for 3 or 4 years now and that's a good thing. Now I just have to block and split it........

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