Sunday, October 31, 2010

The weekend's work.

The old place got hit pretty hard this weekend. I worked outside, Crys worked inside.

I spent both days working on getting the pump/power house closer to done. Our friend Deni came out and helped today. I got the ceiling all rocked, and the tall North wall, most of the south wall and a little of the east. Shouldn't be too tough to finish covering up early this week. Gotta get the rest of the inside sheeting up, and get all the power equipment hung up. The plumbers got started on the gas lines on Thursday, I'm hoping they come back on Monday. :D Plumbers are sort of elusive creatures, difficult to track and capricious in their migratory patterns......

Crystal worked on tiling the entry ways, and on dry wall mudding. She kicked ass. And she had lots and lots of wonderful help, because the fabulous Pablo showed up and mudded the hell outta seams all over the place

We're trying to get everything as well as we can for the plumbers in the event they show up :D We're really really really hoping to have running water in a couple weeks.......

I could use a bath.

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