Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Night off

It is Survivor and hot bath night. We're moving ahead with construction but it's nice to have a night off. Where we're at:

Power/pump house has the major construction complete. The walls and roof are up and sheathed with OSB. The roof is quite recently shingled. Rough in electrical inspection was completed yesterday. Well pump and pressure tank are in and ready to go. The insulation folks will be there in the next few days to foam the whole building, and coax and LAN run from it into the house underground for communication and control.... communication with the outside world and control of the solar system.

Tomorrow night Crystal will put the last pieces of tile up in the bathrooms. The boiler room has been done for a while and she'll get to putting the grout down very soon, it's some special sexy grout and the thin set has to have 7 days to set before the grout goes down.

There is heat. The wood stove is all installed on the hearth that Crystal built from tile. First the chimney went in, some time later on the stove went onto the hearth and it took a while to get the double wall stove pipe in that is required for a mobile home. That stove kicks butt. We ran it a good bit of the weekend and at many points it was just too darned warm and we had to open some windows.

The place I got the solar from: is incredibly helpful. I wrote them yesterday with a question and they immediately emailed me a pdf file with installation instructions. They asked me to call them today and that resulted in more answers and the company owner offered to drop by on his way from Taos to Salida.

Gotta like that.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm hoping by the end of the weekend that I have some solar up. We'll see how it goes.

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