Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend round up

It's getting nipply out there. The wood stove is in and as soon as the double wall pipe gets in to go from it to the ceiling (triple wall is already in through the roof) we'll fire that baby up! The power/pump house is all closed in with OSB and last night I got the trap door covered. Pretty important to keep that from freezing hard since the pump and pressure tank are in there already.

This weekend?

Wiring for the power/pump house. That way it can be inspected this week and hopefully spray foamed in a few days solving the freezing problem. After the wiring will be roofing felt for the roof, house wrap for the walls and then shingles on top of the roofing felt. That should keep me busy.

For Crystal?

She's gonna work on tile. The picture below is already outta date as she only has a couple more pieces to put up in that bathroom to be done tiling it. Then she'll start on the master bath.

Tiling is hard work, I'm glad I only have to pound nails. :D

Also today we'll collect some materials. My buddy is selling me some shingles he has (saving us a hundred bucks or so); gotta get drip edge to put on the roof before the shingles; another friend of mine has a direct vent heater that he's selling me for 50 bucks (saving at least 400) and we'll pick that up in Alamosa as well. So that stuff has us getting a little bit less done on the house today but without that we'd end up doing stuff that's less pressing and not get it all dried in this weekend.

And tonight?

A play at ASC. It's called Two Rooms.

All work and no play.........

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