Sunday, September 12, 2010

Phase 1

Time for an update..... a bit loathe to step on that lovely post Crystal made......

Update stats:

Drywall in the bedrooms and hallway is up, taped, textured, primed and painted.

Carpet is installed in the bedrooms and hallway. Crawlspace entry is now in the bedroom closet.

Plumbing rough in is done with the exception of the master-bath shower, which we have to replace with one that passes the ANSI drop standard per our lovely plumbing inspector (may he roast in hell)

CATV and LAN cables are run throughout the house and prepped to run to the pump/power house when it's ready.

Electrical rough in passed in the house.

Boiler room ready for drywall finishing and tile. Then the boiler/water heater etc.

Power/pump house formed for concrete (waiting on the truck to get here sometime this week)

Today we'll try to get more done on the drywall/tile end of things.

AND we have moved into the finished master bedroom. Did that yesterday, after Cindy and Jesse showed up with nephew David and laid all the carpet Friday night. They were amazing. We needed help with that, since neither of us has ever laid carpet. David was all pro about it, got all the nap headed in the same direction, seamed everything so that the whole install is one giant piece of carpet now. It looks fab. We then covered most of it with plastic (and no we're not your granny, we'll take the plastic off when the construction is done) but it's still pretty nice to have some flooring done and a soft thing to walk on. And the house is def warmer than the 5th wheel.

Gotta put in some plugs and wire a temp from the 5th wheels' inverter to the house until the real power is put in. Probably this week. It's all extension cords in there and I'm the one liable to trip and fall on my ass.

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