Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barn Raisin'

OK, so the bare details were in the last post. Tonight is Survivor night so we'll get a night off. All work and no play make it pretty damned hard to keep going when there's this much to get done.

The power/pump house; hereafter referred to as the shed. :D

I got started on Monday night. Since that first wall is only 4' tall I began there. Got my bottom plate laid out and marked off where to place the sole plate bolt holes, then nailed in all the studs. Then I stood it up and by then it was so dark and already so chilly for my shower-under-a-tree I quit for the night. Crystal got the floor tile laid in the guest bathroom that night. (IF I'm not mistaken).

Tuesday night I managed to get home and started over an hour sooner than Monday. That nights' wall is 10' high and the same 22.5' long as the short wall. So I got all laid out, and then my friend Tim showed up with his partner Dennie. We worked together on it for a while and part way through our friends Roger and Marian showed up. They mostly visited (which is fab) and Roger helped with some advice and a bit of lifting when we needed the help. It was after dark when we got both halves of that wall up and nailed and bolted into place. We set a couple temporary boards in to hold the wall in place. That should do it until tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Crystal got the base down for the wood stove and got some of the tile put in. She works really hard on the place and has the added difficulty factor of not getting off work till 5 PM or after in the town that's 45 minutes to an hour away. I don't know how she keeps motivated. .... but I'm glad she does.

SO, tonight is Survivor and soup night at Tim and Dennie's. They have graciously agreed to host us once a week for a night off for us and some grown up human interaction that is not about hammers and nails and cement board and tile and boards and sheet rock and wiring and plumbing and trying not to ice up while showering......

you get the idea......

It seems like it takes forever and yet every week we see progress towards our dream home. I even got insurance on the place this week. It felt like time. The mornings are getting chilly and when the sun goes down it cools off fast. We can't wait to have more power and some running water. It's been a long 5 months now. And yet it goes really fast.

Go figure.

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