Saturday, March 5, 2016

Invisible invested hours

One of the things that never shows in a project is the hours and hours invested in research and prep to even get started on a job.

Our current solar upgrade has materials on site but nothing actually installed yet. I spent at least 40 hours on research and development to ensure that I have the correct stuff and that all of it will play well together. It took about a day to get everything on site from the place I bought all the solar stuff. We've just spent at least 4 hours working through all the customer service issues to get the 2 satellite dishes moved from their current spots on the roof to make room for the new panels without shading.

(Shading is BAD m'K?)

It'll take a day to do a bit of reconstruction to clear a roof obstruction.

After alla that? We'll actually get to start putting some of the damned stuff up. That'll be 24 new 260 watt panels, 8.8 KW in new inverters and a whopping huge assed 100 amp charge controller.

Of course to put the new stuff up we have to take the old stuff down. We'll do that in stages. Stage 1 will be swapping out the old inverter/charge controller for the new one. That's a day at least. Then we'll swap out the solar panel combiner box. Probably a half day. Then I can set up the new rails as much as possible before changing panels. The panels will be another day. They have to get done in a day or we don't get to shower.

As opposed to common beliefs held by some of our friends, I do like to shower.

SO that's the job plan. I'm sure it'll come off without a hitch. :D

AND pigs can fly.

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