Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Day at the Rest

We got a lot done today. 

I got my pre-level done on the building extension for our studio. Crystal got the toenails clipped on the goats. We worked together and got Princess Buttercup, the alpaca, sheared for the first time. 

It can suffice to say that she did NOT like it.

We got more rocks piled up for the goats to climb on. Our last ton bale of alfalfa/weeds/grass is in place for the winter feeding. Crystal is still cleaning like a mad woman, I have no idea where she gets her strength or fortitude. 

It would appear that we are nearly ready for winter. I just need to get concrete poured so I can work on the studio, and that has to happen before it gets too much colder. It's nearly ready and that makes me happy. 

A flute was won on ebay so that our niece can learn something new. Good job Crys.

Last week we gave the bees a good feeding. Lots of tomatoes and peppers are canned and frozen for the coming winter doldrums. 

The cars are in pretty good shape.

Now if we can just get that deck sanded and sealed, the studio done and some gutters put up.........

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