Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving day

This weekend is mostly dedicated to moving the 5th wheel that was our home for some time, and is not Crys*' fiber studio, across the ditch to its new semi-permanent home. We hope to also get some of the power house cleaned out and shined up for the new freezer we want. Gotta get ready for 2012 ya know :D

As usual we also have to fit some playing in. This week we saw X-Men First Class on Thursday night and last night we went to the drive in to see the new Pirates movie. It was pretty good, we loved X-Men too. Heck, we've been to the drive in twice this year, that's once more than we usually make it in any year. Our drive in is RAD!

This morning is the usual. Some coffee, some internet, a quiet slow wake up and then we'll get done what we can do. Tip of the day? As Tony says..... do your best and forget the rest.

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