Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crys* at the bat cave above valley view

We're at the hot springs for Crys*' birthday (which is actually next week but she couldn't get time off because Greg got there first that dirty bastard). We've been coming up here for years to soak in the water and relax and take some time off and recharge. It's going well so far. :D Last night we did something we've wanted to do for years but never really got the time to get done. We hiked up the 1.7 mile trail to the bat cave, in the glory hole in the Orient Mine. It's well worth the trip. Mining at the Orient Mine was done using the "stope" method, that means they tunneled in, then broke out ore from the tunnel going up, sometimes as high as 200 feet. The glory hole comes from a collapse of one of the stopes, leaving a giant cavern riddled with tunnels going back into the mountain in which Mexican free tailed bats live to the tune of 100,000 to 250,000. They come out at dusk and eat all kinda insects. Useful little beasts. :D We loved the hike and loved watching them all fly out.

Tonight? Making sushi for the first time and having a bit of family in for company.

Life is good.

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