Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our new bonfire pit!

Thanks, as usual, to Crys* for taking the pic that tells the story. :D

It took a couple days of digging and gathering big rocks and stacking and backfilling and landscaping to get the pit built but we wanted to have it ready for Saturday night so we kept on it. Christie and Autum came out and helped us break it in. We like it, the thing is 6 feet across and nearly 3 feet deep so it makes the wind a bit less pesky. :D We've stacked 7 big old sitting rocks around it and one special small one for Autum to have as her very own. (she'd share if you asked).

SO, now all it needs is lots of drummer people, some folks that like to strum a guitar and a moonlight evening of magic.

Holler at us, we'll stack the wood and chill the beer or wine and warm up a rock for ya!

1 comment:

  1. All it needs now is hammocks, a smaller pit, hot tub, sauna, mini bar, volley ball area, ohhh and what about some seating carved into huge rocks with shades over it??? ;)