Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 day weekend

Yep, a three day weekend is coming up. Crys* has been at a retreat/work training all week and gets home on Friday afternoon. I've been feeding kitties and keeping myself busy without actually getting much of anything done. Well.... I am getting something done, I'm just not talking about that for a while, I want that to be a surprise in a couple/three months.

Sunday it rained its' butt off around here, and we've had rain off and on this week. The valley floor folks keep saying that we're stealing all their moisture. Odd, the creek isn't running yet this year.... we're guessing it's because of the cold temperatures keeping the run off down. There's snow up there we can SEE it! I swear!

SO, looks like we'll be relaxing and playing and working and maybe getting out and around some this three day weekend.

Holler before you head up, you'll want to make sure we're home.

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