Sunday, February 27, 2011

Muffins and movies

We are in relax mode this weekend. We're making chocolate chip muffins and peas n' dumplings (thanks for the recipe mom), watching movies and chilling out. Not all of the work we have to do is on the house and we needed a respite from everything. We're watching Jack the dog for Pablo, and yesterday I moved all the rest of my kiln bricks out here.

3,000 bricks.

Oh my GOD that took forever to move. It ended with a wonderful warm bath in our big tub with chocolate and wine.

We were gonna go throw pots today, because we need some new plates, but it was just too tempting to sit here and enjoy our home and each other.

Back to work tomorrow. Starting to look very forward to retirement. I's tired. And....... by the way..... no one is more beautiful in a nap than Crys*

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