Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning beverage watching the snow fall...

We were lucky enough to have Autum spend Friday night with us after the Art Thing meeting where we all got our "bags o stuff" to build our recycled project out of. The weekend has been great, lots of snow, lots of house cleaning, we got a bunch of art work hung all over the house so it feels a lot more homey now. :D Crys* and Autum worked on their electric guitar lessons while I made biscuits and gravy Saturday morning. That was fun, had to make the kid put the guitar down to eat twice. LOTS of snow this weekend even though none of it made it to the valley floor. We were the first ones down the road this morning when we went to meet Pablo for breakfast at Movie Manor. That was great. :D

So we end up the weekend with a long hot bath (no candles this time) some Heros season two, I "heart" Huckabees which was good and a long nights sleep. I'm off tomorrow, might start moving some bricks.

And the burns are almost healed.

Sleep good babies.

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