Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wood flooring is going down!

Yesterday we started on the 600 sq feet of 3/4 t&g pine flooring in the front of the house. Crys uploaded a pic that was taken part way through yesterday. The one here is from this morning before we start back to work. Since I haven't posted in a while and am too lazy to go back and see where I left off.....

highlights from this week....

This week was all about boilers and flooring and a bit of cleanup.

On Tuesday the boiler arrived that I'd ordered online the previous Friday. It's a Slantfin Bobcat 120K modulating condensing 93% efficient one. Also the flooring we'd ordered from Lumber Liquidators got here. The boiler was easy, just 135 pounds and the delivery guy remembered us and that we're easy to work with so he dumped it right where I wanted without us having to be here.

The flooring was another story all together.

That came by FedEx freight shipment and was delivered by a very stressed man who was a bit leery of dirt roads. We have Crystal as a contact because if I'm here I'm working and don't hear the phone most of the time. SO, the poor guy didn't take direction well and it was getting toward dark and he was out in the middle of no where on dirt roads in a semi and wanted desperately to get out of here and was freaking out. Finally Crys got through to me and I went to meet Mr. Nervous. As he rolled down the window I said, "don't you hate delivering fright up a freakin dirt road"? You could see him visibly start to relax then. So he followed me to our well set up unloading zone by the house and I helped him get the double pallet turned and off the truck, where upon he again had stress... "this pallet jack won't turn on the dirt..."
SO I went and got a sheet of 3/4 plywood and laid it down to make his life easy. This pleased Mr. Nervous. And we dumped the pallet and got him on his way. After that all I had to do was move the 1350 pounds of flooring into the house. :D

Piece of cake. I'd already put the boiler in and chopped wood that night.

Thursday we prepped the house for the plumbers who installed the boiler and part of the baseboards. They'll finish Monday when the wood floor is down in the front of the house. The new boiler is beautiful, we will be very happy to get the heat backup there so that we aren't so tied to making it back to the house so regularly to keep the fire going.

Friday was a play at ASC, the Little Match Girl. They did a great job.

Yesterday we prepped the floor and put down a good bit of the pine flooring. We're guessing over a third and less than half. :D BUT we got all the set up done so it'll go faster today even though today is when we go around the major obstacles.

Updates as conditions warrant. :D

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