Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inching closer

We're inching closer to finishing up the inside of the house.

Flooring should be there on Tuesday. So this weekend we were prepping.

Crystal go the last two walls in the house painted, and did a bunch of caulking too. While that was going on she was doing a pile of laundry, I got the gas dryer hooked up this morning first thing. Crys also got both entry ways grouted for the final touch on them and did a bunch of prep cleaning in advance of the flooring getting here. Oh and she made us breakfast on the new stove that I got hooked up a day or two ago.

I started out getting some wood chopped and the dryer hooked up. Then I got going on hanging the upper kitchen cabinets. Our friend Deni came out this morning and was quite helpful when putting up the cabinets. Then I got started on the doors we got on Friday. The guest bath, and the bedrooms now have doors.

Now we're in town to watch Dexter. We love that show. We're beginning to see that this project might soon be over. My gosh that'll be a good thing. Oh and with everything going on today we used twice the power we usually do in a day. Seemed like it all worked just fine.

Oh and the boiler is ordered, the plumber is gonna install it as soon as we get the boiler here and he gave us a killer bid too. :D

(J. Smith plumbing from Del Norte, if you're looking for a plumber)

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