Sunday, January 15, 2017

The snow keeps coming, a little bit at a time.

We're starting to get hopeful for a creek to run this spring/summer. :D It started snowing some in December, and we get an inch or two every few days. On the south facing slopes it's melting off but in most of the rest of the valley it's staying on the flats and north sides.

The plus side of the shoveling and sweeping and fire building is that we're building up a really nice, thick pile of moisture on the ground. Come spring when it all starts to melt off in a delightful squishy mud bog of wetness, we hope it engenders the creek to run. We got surprised by a partial flow last summer and with that raise in the apparent sub-level water we're really really hopeful that we'll get to listen to water splashing through the place. We've owned the property since 1997 and that creek ran every year for about the next 15 or 16 years only to dry up due to drought (and farmers over pumping the aquifers) for most of the time we've actually lived out here.

I love the sound of that water working it's way through the place. It burbles and chatters and brings lots of birds and other wild life.

Fingers crossed.

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