Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Less than 0.5% of patients experience problems with LASIK surgery. :D

Got LASIK surgery a week ago Monday (Sept 19th).

I was not one of the very many folks lucky enough to wake up the next morning to clear sight and a trouble free experience. I'm putting that down here just so I don't forget the experience after things get better which I am quite sure they will.

Tuesday was bruised, scratchy and painful. And everything was blurry.

Wednesday was more bruised, scratchy and painful, coupled with eyelids stuck together from the meds. The right eye was seeming to get a bit better.

Thursday was like the hammer falling on the hinges of hell. Ended up going to my local eye guy (Surgery was in Denver at Icon Eyecare) who informed me that there was a tear in the flap. He was also surly and grumpy. Called Crys to let her know I'd be driving to Denver on Friday to see the docs at ICON for probably some reparative surgery. It's her busiest week of the month and I didn't wanna interrupt her work. It literally felt like something was loose and twirling around under my left eyelid.

Crys postponed her PhatFiber box till next week and drove me up to Denver. I felt kinda bad about that. The doc said there was a small separation in the flap and that it was beginning to heal. Doc #2 confirmed. They came up with a treatment plan that included more steroids in the eye for a longer period. The twirling thing under my eyelid seemed to have put itself back overnight, this is always a good thing.

Pablo put us up for the night and we proceeded to go out and enjoy our evening. He and his brother Mark are always good to hang with and helped us forget our troubles.

Saturday morning was much better than Thursday. Right eye was starting to see things, left didn't cause me to hunt for a pickaxe to tear it out with. We drove home, it took a good while since it was high time for aspen viewing in the high country.

Sunday was, yet again, better. Still not settled on the vision thing. Putting in the drops on schedule, trying to be hopeful

Monday: right eye seems to be seeing far pretty well now. Got a different pair of reading glasses for close up as I'll probably always need them. Left eye is sporadically better in sight. I'm cynical at this point but trying to be hopeful. Crys is always a soothing balm to my inherent insanity.

Tuesday (today) eyes are feeling more normal overall. Sight seems to be creeping toward clarity in the left as well as the right. I'm cautiously a bit more hopeful.

Updates as conditions warrant.

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