Sunday, August 14, 2016

So this is the new inverter set up. Sexy huh? From left to right: Main battery bank disconnect/rapid shut down breaker; just above that is the solar panel rapid shut down breaker; just below that and a smidge to the right is the charge controller; and the rest of that huge thing is the actual inverter stack. 

This was solar panel installation day. We went from 9 panels to 24. My mom and dad helped that day, it was fun. I started pulling the old panels down before the sun came up and we finished up at about 5:30 PM. 

All installed and damed glad of it.

Now we have 6,250 of solar panels up. 6 parallel strings of panels in series strings of 4. Even on cloudy days we get more solar than we did out of the old setup on the brightest day. 

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