Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weather delay

Haven't gotten much done on projects for the last couple weeks.

We've been having snow off and on for that time, and that tends to slow down our production.

Crys did get the trees planted somewhere in there. There's a legendary account of her battle with the mud monster but I'll leave it to her to relate it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it justice.

I spent a lot of time working to get power back on in Evergreen and back down in the valley. That included 2 days of being up at Summitville Mine along with some snow shoeing and a fair amount of wicked driving. Finally, today is a bit quieter. Only one call out so far today. It's kinda windy so we're not what you'd call pumped to get outside and lean into the wind.

Crys is working on her Phat Fiber boxes and I'm cooking and cleaning. It's a good spring day.

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