Saturday, November 28, 2015

A little Thanks of this, a little Giving of that.

It's been a nice holiday around the old homestead.

It started out, as many holidays do when guests are coming, with a project. This Thanksgiving visitor project was new shelves in the studio. From my local lumber yard (Valley Lumber in Monte Vista) I got four 8' long particle board shelves and a pile of 2X2's. They turned into 2 sets of shelves 15" wide by 16' long above the pottery wheels. It was a bit of a trick hanging them above all the junk I needed to move up onto them. :D . Good thing I've got 6 hands.

Then all the stuff moved up off the floor, Bill Burch came by and all the recyclables moved out. I even found an old carpet remnant on a different set of shelves that will make it nice for Crys when she's working out there on her fiber stuff.

Our friend, Val, from Denver brought her 3 dogs and that space was perfect for them to be warm and safe and our cats to be neither assholes nor dead.

Then we made a great holiday meal, our friends Melissa and godson, Mason, came out to enjoy it with us.

Today I'm prepping a wire project for later next week. I'm off for a while yet so I can work on stuff around the casa that I never seem to get to.

A good bid came back on our solar supplies for replacing all the stuff we got on the solar shed. They even included a healthy repeat customer discount. It's gonna be hard for anyone else to beat. I may have to change my opinion on wholesale solar. They kinda made me mad a few years back.

The rest of the weekend will be playing, drinking, relaxing.

Life is good.

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