Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just keep posting (not what you think)

Last week we got the greenhouse posts and concrete done. So what's up this weekend?

Winter is coming!

SO, we set 3 more posts for a post and beam support for a WAY overhanging roof on the shed. That'll keep that overhang from getting broken by a big snow load and gives me a surface to do a cheap and cheerful retaining wall. So before the snow falls I gotta dig out and throw in my wood wall. Shouldn't be too big a deal. But while the concrete sets up on those posts........

I'll cut off last weekends posts in the greenhouse-to-be and see about starting on the hardware cloth wrap and top board. Then we can zip zippety doo dah throw up the greenhouse frame next weekend.

We don't push on projects anymore, the goal for finish glazing the greenhouse is early spring.

Till then we'll just keep posting, as in 4X4 posts and concrete. :D

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