Sunday, April 28, 2013

The shed/studio work has begun again. Yesterday Crys* went to La Junta to granny sit and I decided to start on some roof framing that needed to be finished. The day ended with my body acquiring a unique temporary deformity in exchange for a bit of blood left on the building :D.

Late last Summer we started on expanding our utility building that houses the solar and water stuff. I nearly doubled the interior space and added a covered section for wood, cars, 4 wheelers.... you get the idea. Winter ended my work for longer than I'd planned. Somewhere in there I also discovered that I needed to re-do the wiring in the original section of the building because I got some not-quite-correct information.

At this point I have the drywall removed from part of the walls in the original building in prep for the wiring job that I am going to have to beat myself to finish because I really just don't want to tear out that beautiful spray in insulation.

SO, I'm working on the roof!

To frame yesterday I had to sink an anchored base for a 4X4 support in the concrete, then do some post and beam construction. All was going well until I managed to drop a treated 12 footer and it just HAD to go through my arm on its way to the ground. This left an odd deformity in my right forearm. Hurt like a bitch it did. So I kept going because this job needs to be done. :D I had to disconnect the fuel line from the generator to set the post so it's offline until I get a nice new exterior 3/4 inch flex connector. Easy stuff that.

I finally got the post and beam stuff up and started running roof joists. Yep, slammed a finger hard enough to shoot cottage cheese out the end. After I got past that I finished running enough roof joists to put up a sheet of OSB. That's where I left it yesterday. In the evening Crys* got home to find me in the tub with blueberry moonshine and soda.

recovery. Good.

We'll see what today brings.

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