Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The SWARM!!!!!!!

We spent the last week caring for family and taking a couple days off to do it. It's also readying for winter time around here. We're also working on our new plan for our pottery studio (temp style).

But the coolest thing ever? When I'm out hauling wood and Crys* is out hanging laundry and there is a gigantic bone jarring hum that pervades the air ground and every solid thing for a hundred yards.... then you look up to see a tornado of bees circling, humming....


and they circle and fly and hum and beat the air as the entire cloud of thousands of bees winds it way through the yard as we walk into the cloud and travel with them until the crest the mountain to the east and out distance us, flying to a new home and a new life with their new queen among them.

It was beautiful.

So the wood is cut, the laundry is done, the bees have divided themselves and we'll harvest honey this coming weekend.

Pretty damned cool.

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