Monday, July 16, 2012

Fiber Fest weekend

We had a pretty good fiber fest weekend in Monte Vista.

Friday we set up the tent and got things situated.

Saturday I somehow hurt my back and spent the day in a chair while Crys fought an illness and we made the best of a day that was still pretty darned good.

Sunday was a day of fun finishing up with take down of the whole shebang. Brad helped us out a whole lot with the big tent. Melissa and Alina and Christie were good help too. :D Special thanks to Alina for giving Melissa a ride home after the somewhat tiring take down.

Of course when we got home Oomie was missing which we discovered after unloading the giant tent from the trailer and preparing to settle.

Settling waited.

We finally found him scared under the deck. We only had to remove half a dozen boards to get him out and herded back into the house. After that, all was well. Fernandez for dinner and a little TV and bed.

I'm home sick today with my crotchety back. Waiting on a call back from the Chiropractor since this is just not going to fix itself. :D

Good weekend. Fiber and friends and family. Wish I could have made it to the memorial service for Mando, but sometimes the blending of blended families makes it better to send notes later.

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