Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maintaince and prep

This weekend was prep weekend. We did a little bit of fixing and finishing and a bit of prep and planning.

The range hood over the stove? Now finally properly installed and cleaned.

Floors swept and mopped and vacuumed.

3 year old watched and played with Friday night and Saturday.

Joint shopping trip that was fun.

Trashed and dented barbecue grill disassembled pounded flat/round/angled reassembled and screwed to the deck, then cleaned and prepped for summer.

Wii games played.

LOTS of laundry done.

Footprint of new building laid down, rearranged, re-staked out and decided on.

Goats and Llama and Alpaca babied and treated and sat with and played with.

Little messes in the corners picked up and put where they go.

Now if it would just rain.......

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