Sunday, May 13, 2012

No pics to post today. :D I don't feel like climbing to pole to send.

Yesterday we got a LOT of brush clearing done, and it looks beautiful down by the creek now. We also fed the bees their "getting started sugar syrup" meal and we're hoping that's about all they'll need and can get to foraging soon.

We got a LOT of nice rain Friday night and Saturday (all day). A new shelf for all the cookbooks is up above the desk in the stove room, I built it so it's...... rustic ..... but functional. Crys is getting the place all shined up for Summer.

Today I'm hoping to get the final repair on the exterior of the 77 RV we just bought and are taking on a canyons trip in June.

We've loved having some company this week. We got to see Dave and Tonya, Christie and Autum, and Alina. It's always nice having folks out.  So if you've been thinking about it? Pop out, just txt first to make sure we're home.

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