Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spring time plans

OK, we survived 2011, now 2012 should be a piece of cake!

Last week we ordered our honey bees, thanks to mom and pop. We found a beekeeping outfit here in our valley that will sell us a nucleus to start out with and we'll pick it up in may. We chose a carnolian queen bee and now have to do some research and get all the other starter stuff in so that we can hit the ground running with that little project.

Along with bees ..... we'll get as good a start as possible on the studio/apartment; build some more fence; install our orchard (we spent the last 2 weeks picking out zone 3 fruit and nut trees) ; perhaps get the shell of the barn up; do a circuit or two of P90X2; go to Seattle for the NCECA conference in March; gravel the driveway; install cattle guards; put siding on all the mostly done sheds; finish the deck; live, love, laugh and play.

And then after lunch.......

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