Saturday, November 19, 2011

Denny's week off! Or not.....

This is the week I always take off work and stay home and veg and nest and cook and enjoy not working.

It's been an interesting week at work. Last Sunday was 23 hours of working in Salida when a wind storm tore down gobs of 100 foot trees and mangled the powerlines. Monday? More of the Same. Tuesday it was back to Alamosa to try to get the line up to Summitville mine back on. That took 2 long days and lots of hiking in knee deep snow packing a chainsaw. Thursday/Friday was more clean up and running to try to get stuff done. Today? Outage in Saguache and a giant tree that bounced off the line in Del Norte. I bet Summitville is out again but no one has noticed yet :D . That I think the Thomas Ranch line to Platoro is out too..... but everyone up there is gone for the winter so maybe we don't have to snow cat up there.

Right now? I get to be back under the blankies with the sweet girl and maybe I'll spend some of that overtime money shopping for her for Christmas if I can get her to look the other way for a minute.

The goats and Hazel are good. The wind is blowing. Life is good.

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