Monday, January 31, 2011

Valley View

Saturday at Valley View (Orient Land Trust) was wonderful. We went up to meet some friends and ran into them just a little bit but mostly ended up hanging out by ourselves in a nearly deserted hot springs. At the Meadow Pond we found a recently completed construction project that made that site a lot better. That was mid day. We started in the hot tub (deserted) moved on to the Meadow Pond (deserted), had a big lunch of cheetos and chips, a little rest in the warm truck, then hiked up to the top-most pond which was deserted shortly after we got there and we watched the sun go down from there and wandered down in the gathering dusk.

It was a beautiful restful day with my most favorite person on the planet. We worked hard to get here and there's still work to do ... days like Saturday are rewards in action for living the life we choose.

Yall should join us sometime. :D

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  1. OMFG I was not expecting that! LOLOLOLOL Glad you had fun :)